Speedline Wheels 5-stud

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Speedline Wheels 5-stud 

These wheels have been restored to original condition.

They are a Speedline wheel, 5-stud, in the Holden offset. These suit any Perkins car before 2003.

These are Race Car Wheels - Size 17"x11"

These wheels have been stripped, plastic bead blasted, visually inspected for cracks - of which these wheels didn’t appear to have any cracks or cracking so no repairs were required.

The run out on the inside bead of all 4 wheels was between 0.057” and 0.075” so the run out was repaired by the wheel run out repairers.

They were then painted and the original Speedline logo has been painted in black also.

The wheels were/are stamped/dated, "PE.04 1.96", "PE 6 98", "PE 19", "PE 6 98", so 1 was from 1996, 2 from 1998 and one was challenging to make sense of but assuming around the same vintage.

They are immaculate in presentation, only requiring tyre valves and then ready to fit to a set of tyres and then a car, but like anything second hand, especially race car wheels, significant caution must be displayed to ensure no issues present. This would include constant checking of wheels for any cracking or run out that may occur etc. There is no warranty on these items.


As per photos, sold as a set of 4 wheels.

No warranties, returns, refunds or guarantees!

NOTE: Any flat rate postage options selected at check out will be taken as deposit for postage and handling. This is to be discussed between buyer and us, freight options will vary, pick up in Melbourne is available for these wheels