PE Blue Log Book PE043

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PE Blue Log Book PE 043

Perkins Engineering chassis were well know for their corresponding "Blue Book". A log book outlining comprehensive details about the chassis as it was used and raced from circuit to circuit.

Very rare, very unique, we offer For Sale selected Chassis Books. 

Blue books show specific details from Test Days, Practice Days, Race Meetings, including:

  • Engine, Gearbox, Tailshaft, Diff Housing, Hubs, Axles and Clutch PE or Manufacture Part Numbers
  • Drivers Notes
  • Chassis Set Up
  • Job Lists
  • Mileages

PE 043 was the third Double Wishbone Front Suspension Chassis built by PE. Built new mid way through the 2004 Championship for Steven Richards, it saw the removal of the Double Hoop Roll Cage system.

This is the first Blue Book from Winton Shake down/test day, and includes the following details and events:

  • Winton Shake Down/Test Day, Car #11, August 2004
  • Sandown 500, Car #11, September 2004
  • Bathurst 1000, Car #11, October 2004
  • Gold Coast Indy, Car #11, October 2004
  • Symmons Plains Race, Car #11, November 2004
  • Eastern Creek Race, Car #11, December 2004
  • Winton Test Day, Car #11, February 2005
  • Australian Grand Prix, Car #11, March 2005
  • Adelaide 500, Car #11, March 2005
  • Pukekohe/NZ, Car #11, April 2005
  • Perth/Barbagallo Race, Car #11, May 2005
  • Eastern Creek Race, Car #11, May 2005
  • China Race, Car #11, June 2005

Includes Hand Written notes from Barry Ryan and other PE Engineers/Mechanics.

Photo's include blank template page, pages in book include this information and more.