V8Supercars Decals/Stickers Assorted

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V8Supercars Decals/Stickers Assorted

Various versions, the following were typically found on the front guards:

V8Supercars Championship VB & BIGPOND 2003-2008

180mm x 120mm

V8Supercars Championship XXXX Gold & BIGPOND 2009-2010

185mm x 115mm

V8Supercars Championship BIGPOND 2011

185mm x 105mm

V8Supercars on it's own was typically found on the rear quarter window:

V8Supercars Australia (Red and White) 1999-2001

230mm x 60mm

V8Supercars Australia 2002-2010

235mm x 60-62mm

V8Supercars (No Australia) 2011-2013/14

205mm x 50-55mm

These images were mandatory on each Supercar at a particular event.

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